Top 10 Ways To Fall in Love with the Earth.

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#1  Springing to Life

How quickly leaves and flowers spring to life after the winter months.  One day everything is brown and suddenly an invisible switch is flipped.  Within a few days there are vibrant green leaves and budding flowers everywhere – total transformation!

Spring is a dramatic reminder that transformation is part of life and I wonder what is next in my own life?  What happens to you with the springing of spring?

spring-tree-crop (photo source)

#2  The Smell of Rain

One of my favorite smells is the fresh waves of scents of rain showers.  The smell in the air as the moisture rolls in.  The magical feeling of breathing in the rich air of rain on soil or ocean or city.  It is so relaxing and full.

What are your memories of the smells of rain?

#3  Natural Shapes

I was looking at a picture book about homes built with driftwood and noticed all these houses had rounded edges and curving roofs. I liked the feeling of these shapes. They were nature shapes… I started looking at the forms around me in nature and it was so relaxing to see the shape of trees and clouds and everything.

What are some of your favorite shapes in nature?

woodshapes1-crop (photo source)

#4  Animal Neighbors

This evening my cat called my attention to a little skunk across the courtyard of the apartments where I live.  Earlier today I saw a hawk flying low over the road and across a bank parking lot.  The squirrels are out each day now digging up and eating acorns.  My animal neighbors.  We look at one another as we pass.  Each living our own different lives.  I feel grateful that they are there.  I feel happy to see them and wonder how their lives are going.

What animal neighbors do you cherish having in your life?

deer-and-skunk-crop (photo source)

#5  Colors in the Mist

I was feeling into rainbows and had a memory of how much fun it was to play with the garden hose as a kid.  Putting my thumb over the nozzle and spraying water in the sunshine so I could see the fine colors of the rainbow in the mist.  It is amazing to me that those colors are always in the sunlight.

Do you have memories of rainbows?

rainbow crop (photo source)

#6  This Valentine’s Day Fall in Love with Nature!

Some of the greatest memories in my life have come from time spent with friends or teachers out in nature.  Being with someone while on a walk or watching the sunrise or listening to night sounds.  Those moments feel very full to me, to the point that sometimes I wish they wouldn’t end.  Those are times I cherish.

How has the Earth helped you feel closer to another?

heart-tree-crop (photo source)

#7  Radiant Blue Skies

I have been soaking in the blue sky lately.  The lovely deep blues… and the glowing light blues. Sometimes it feels relaxing, sometimes invigorating.  Always so beautiful.

What do you experience with blue skies?

blue sky crop (photo source)

#8  Digging in the Dirt

When its warm out my cat loves to lie in the dirt.  He chooses it over grass or pavement.  Dogs love digging and putting their nose in the hole again and again.  I loved digging huge holes in the sand when I was growing up.  I recently was helping to dig in a garden.  It was wet and cold, but I loved the smell.  The moving of heavy soil.  Seeing what was in it.  One person found a hibernating frog.  Another found a huge earth worm.  The earth itself felt so alive.

What have you noticed about your relationship with dirt or soil or sand?

baby-in-dirt-crop (photo source)

#9  The Moon

I remember seeing my first moon shadow while camping.  The moon was so bright you could almost read!  I always love catching a glimpse of the moon rising in the sky and sharing it with others.  I have so many wonderful memories of Earth’s companion.  Always changing.

What do you love about the moon?

moonrise-crop (photo source)

#10  Eyes

Lately I have been appreciating how incredible eyes are.  I look at the creatures around me and wonder at their ability to see.  What does the bee experience, or the squirrel or the dog?

What do you enjoy about your eyes?

kid-eye-bug-crop (photo source)